WaterWell Plant Collar

The Waterwell is ideal for moisture retention around plants, and for concentrating mulch and fertilizer. It reduces mulch scattering when plants are watered from a tanker system and is installed by burying into the ground, leaving a collar around the plant. It is ideal for assisting Councils, Urban Landscapers & Land Division Developers to help efficiently water trees during establishment as well as directing nutrients to the root zone. Water Wells are reusable again and again.

  • Faster growth
  • Water savings
  • Concentrates mulch, fertilizer & reduces scattering by birds
  • Eliminates water run off (ideal for sloping ground)
  • Protects plant stems from whipper snippers & encroaching lawn
  • Zip joins for easy installation
  • Reusable & repositionable
  • Available in heritage green or black
  • 26L water retention
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