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Hardwood stakes tree ties Oran Park


Our customer, a landscaping and civil contractor, is putting the final touches on a new water park and recreation area at Oran Park in Sydney’s west. The Ron’s Creek Open Space and Splash Park Project is situated on a 2.5 hectare site in the Camden LGA.

The project includes lighting, electrical and irrigation services, a bio-retention basin, a spillway bridge, plus significant planting and landscaping works. Beneath the surface, a complex network of services, pumps and filters drive the 30 water features that form this aquatic play space. The project is due for handover to the developer in mid 2020.

As there was a significant amount of tree planting involved in this project, the contractor needed a fast and reliable supplier of hardwood stakes and tree ties. A large number of trees would require support at this open, exposed and potentially windy site. Using twin hardwood stakes and hessian tree tie straps to brace the newly planted trees ensured they would not be damaged whilst they were growing.


GEOmasta assisted the contractor with hardwood tree stakes and hessian tree ties. GEOmasta hessian webbing is 50mm wide and designed to support newly planted trees during the initial establishment period, when used in conjunction with hardwood stakes.

When used together, hardwood stakes and hessian tree ties reduce excessive movement caused by wind, allowing young trees time to establish their root systems.

GEOmasta carries a wide range of tree planting products including stakes in various sizes, canes, corflute and plastic tree guards, water-wells and HDPE root barrier.

To find out more or get a quote on your tree planting needs, contact GEOmasta.

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Hardwood stakes tree ties Oran Park Hardwood stakes tree ties Oran Park

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