providing on-site expertise

As the fastest growing Australasian specialist in geosynthetics, we are passionate about assisting our clients with design reviews, product recommendations and providing on-site expertise.

Since 2014, GEOmasta has been focused on increasing awareness of just how geosynthetics work, how they are best installed, and what products work best in each application.

We work closely with local and international geotechnical, structural and mechanical experts, and we bring that experience to you. Are you unsure about the exact needs for your project?

Contact the GEOmasta team on 1300 885 364 for assistance.


GEOmasta Catalogue
Size: 5.1 MB
Protected: BCC Specifications
Size: 244 KB
Protected: DPTI Part R85 Geotextiles
Size: 56 KB
Protected: MRWA S403 Subsoil Drains
Size: 75 KB
Protected: RMS R33 Trench Drains
Size: 91 KB
Protected: RMS R44 Earthworks
Size: 15.95 MB
Protected: RMS R55 Gabions Mattresses
Size: 100 KB
Protected: RMS R63 Geotextiles Separartion Filtration
Size: 141 KB
Protected: RMS R67 HS Geotextile
Size: 83 KB
Protected: TMR Geotechnical Design Standard Min-Req FEB2015
Size: 266 KB
Protected: TMR MRTS05 Unbound Pavements
Size: 236 KB
Protected: TMR MRTS27 Geotextiles Separation Filtration
Size: 227 KB
Protected: TMR MRTS38 Pavement Drains
Protected: TMR MRTS58 Subgrade Reinforcement Using Pavement Geosynthetics
Protected: TMR MRTS100 High Strength Geosynthetic Reinforcement In Road Embankments
Protected: TMR MRTS300 boatramps SD4021
Protected: Vicroads 210 Geotextiles In Earthworks
TNZ-F_7 Geotextiles Separation
Hessian Tree Ties Technical Specification
Protected: AS2758.4 Gabions & Wire Mattresses
Size: 35.90 MB