How Shadforth’s Civil solved their subdivision drainage challenges

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This substantial subdivision South of Brisbane needed serious drainage work before work could continue. Principal contractors Shadforths Civil worked with GEOmasta who recommended a large amount of coir mesh and gabion mattresses to secure the waterway and prevent erosion.


The Park Ridge residential subdivision is estimated to be a $5.7 million development and a masterstroke of community living blended with parks and established environmental and conservation areas. The project first commenced in 2018 and has since been released in a series of stages.

Our customer, Shadforth’s Civil, was selected as the key civil construction contractor for new roads and parklands surrounding the subdivision.


The main challenge Shadforth’s Civil faced was how to achieve adequate drainage for the existing waterway corridor. This was located alongside the planned park area and needed to be managed to ensure minimal effect on the surrounding construction in the event of heavy rain or a flood event.


Shadforth’s Civil chose GEOmasta as a preferred supplier of coir mesh. Coir is an environmentally friendly product that is made from a naturally fibrous and loose-knit material which promotes vegetation growth and a healthy environment for plant establishment. It also controls erosion with its strong, high tensile fibres, ensuring good erosion control over the medium term until the product eventually breaks down naturally into the soil.

The EROmasta coir mesh from GEOmasta is being used to provide adequate filtration around the parklands and waterway areas of the estate.

Also used on this project were GEOmasta rock-filled gabion mattresses. These simple yet strong wire mesh baskets are being used to create a secure sloped rock wall which will function as the embankment for the new waterway corridor.

With their highly porous free-draining construction, the gabions are ideal to provide bank stabilisation and yet still allow water to be filtrated. As they are constructed from flexible woven mesh, these gabions will settle into the landscape with expected natural soil movement, but will not compromise the overall parkland structure.

mastaWALL mattresses are low profile baskets constructed of double-twisted hexagonal woven galvanized steel wire. The mattress construction contains internal diaphragms that create compartments or cells for stone fill, which are designed to ensure even distribution of the rock fill even after natural settling and structural movement.

The mattress range is available in 6m x 2m sizes in different thicknesses to suit different fills.

Products Used:
Wire Rock Mattress GML602030, Coir Mesh

Shadforths Civil

Park Ridge Road Residential subdivision

Park Ridge, Queensland



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