DRAINmasta Strip Filter Drain for steep embankment drainage


A steep embankment alongside a Sydney motorway was identified as being unstable and susceptible to erosion. The embankment was exposed without any vegetation cover. GEOmasta’s client was engaged to remediate the area.

The steep grade presented a difficult drainage situation. In order to slow the flow of rainwater down the embankment, the project managers sought a drainage solution that was easy to install and would offer long term protection against erosion and deterioration of the site.


Our client chose DRAINmasta Strip Filter Drain from GEOmasta: a prefabricated composite product designed to effectively filter and transport groundwater. It is a lightweight alternative to aggregate drainage treatments and provides an efficient and non-invasive drainage solution.

In this instance, it has been used in conjunction with mastaGRID Poly and COIRmasta coir logs to safeguard against future erosion issues. The poly geogrid provides soil stabilisation, and coir logs have been placed at specific intervals to slow the flow of rainwater down the slope. This has ultimately created a stable and healthy environment, enabling plants to become established. The vegetation is now providing its own layer of erosion control.

DRAINmasta Strip Filter Drain is designed for subsoil drainage in areas such as road revetments, sports field drainage, behind shotcreting in tunnels or, as seen here, in steep embankment applications. It is produced by binding a tough HDPE drainage core with mastaTEX Non-woven high flow geotextile. This prevents foreign particles from entering the drain and thereby avoids blockages and flow issues. All DRAINmasta products are inert to most alkalis and acids that are found in soil environments.

With a discharge capacity of over 100 L/m/min, DRAINmasta Strip Drain is a simple yet highly effective drainage solution. It is available in 50-metre rolls in 100, 200 or 300mm widths to suit different site applications.



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