Eynesbury’s AFL Oval gets the GEOmasta treatment

Geotextile Separation layer Melbourne


To cater to the growing population in the area, Victoria’s City of Melton Council made an application to the government to develop a recreation reserve in Eynesbury. Comprising a sports oval with electronic scoreboards, a pavilion, car parking, playground and more, the reserve will provide for communities in this diverse and fast-growing outer suburb of Melbourne.

Stage 1A commenced during February 2019 and is expected to be completed in November 2019. This includes the construction of the northern oval that will be open to the public in mid 2021.

This $9.4m project is partially funded by the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund, Victorian Government’s Growing Suburb Fund and AFL Victoria.



The Council has engaged a contractor for Stage 1A of the project, primarily providing earthworks including filling of the existing dams on the site. The project called for a plastic liner as a capping layer, along with the use of an appropriate geotextile to act as a separation layer. The contractor got in touch with GEOmasta for assistance, and we recommended the use of mastaTEX Nonwoven geotextile above and below a light-duty HDPE Liner.

The GEOmasta team supplied 40 rolls of mastaTEX Nonwoven and 185 rolls of Australian Standards approved HDPE liner. Additionally, DRAINmasta Strip Drain was supplied as the ideal drainage solution that would assist in channelling excess water away from the playing fields.

The GEOmasta team provided advice and technical assistance to the contractor to ensure the separation layer, liner and strip drain were fit for purpose and conformed to the project requirements.


mastaTEX Non Woven

mastaTEX Non Woven is a continuous filament geotextile made from highly durable virgin polyester fibres, which are resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis. The textile is formed through needle punching in order to produce a product suitable for use in road & rail work, separation, drainage, protection and filtration works.

DRAINmasta Strip Drain

DRAINmasta Strip Drain is a composite product designed to effectively filter and transport groundwater. A HDPE drainage core is bound with mastaTEX Nonwoven to prevent foreign particles from causing flow issues. It is purpose-designed for applications such as sports field drainage and is an ideal solution for difficult drainage situations.

HDPE Black Pastic Liner

HDPE black plastic liner is ideal for general protection, for use as a moisture barrier, and for concreting and slab work. It is approved to AS2870:1996 and has a multitude of uses in landscaping, civil construction, building and roadworks. It is available in 50m x 4m wide rolls with a material weight of 200 microns.



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