Slope remediation with GEOmasta


Glascott Landscape & Civil specialises in commercial landscape construction with a focus on quality, safety and environmental outcomes. Glascott are working on stabilising and revegetating a steep slope alongside a pedestrian pathway at Kingsgrove in Sydney’s South.

In keeping with their environmentally-friendly ethos, the project managers required a natural erosion control solution to ensure that loose soil would not enter the stormwater drains at the base of the slope. GEOmasta recommended a solution for the affected area, to be installed in 3 stages.

First, DRAINmasta Strip Drain was installed at diagonals across the slope to collect excess groundwater and to quickly drain stormwater. With some topsoil laid, Glascott then installed 600m2 of geogrid to which was used to stabilise the soil. The final topsoil layer was applied and then 600m2 of jute mesh and 100 coir logs were laid over the top in rows, ensuring minimal soil would be eroded into the stormwater system.

This steep slope runs behind a main road and alongside a pedestrian pathway, and after heavy rain, it had significantly eroded. The 600 square metre area needed to be stabilised and reinforced, giving time for the native plants to grow and provide natural slope stability.


The GEOmasta technical team recommended a complete solution to cope with the drainage element, slope stabilisation and erosion control, which was accepted by Glascott and their client: Strip drain to remove the water at the root cause of the failure, a strong yet lightweight geogrid to stabilise the slope, and an environmentally friendly jute mesh to line the face of the slope.

DRAINmasta Strip Drain is designed for subsoil drainage. It is a prefabricated composite product designed to effectively filter and transport groundwater. 

mastaGRID Poly rigid biaxial geogrids perform best in granular, angular fills and are commonly used under roads, as well as for sub-base soil reinforcement & stabilisation on embankments such as this site at Kingsgrove. 

Jute mesh is ideal for applications such as grass establishment, coastal areas, wetlands and natural revegetation. Each roll measures 1.2 metres wide x 550 metres long, enabling quick and easy coverage of large areas. 

Coir logs were also utilised on this project to secure the top and bottom layers of jute mesh and provide extra defence against loose debris. This is a totally biodegradable material that last up to 5 years on site, and biodegrade within 5-10 years. They are easily installed and will blend naturally into the environment over time.

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