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With the ever-increasing range of GEOmasta’s geosynthetic products and solutions, we are confident we can help with any enquiry you might have. From roads to local parks, airports to waterways, we are here with a range to help!

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Geosynthetics have been used in the reinforcement of roads and related infrastructure for over 100 years. Their primary function is to maintain or increase design life while reducing construction costs and expediting the construction process.

GEOmasta now offers the complete package of geosynthetic products and consultation services in order to make life easier for engineers & contractors.

Subgrade Stabilisation & Reinforcement

mastaGRID™ Poly geogrids are engineered structures designed for soil stabilisation and reinforcement applications. mastaGRID™ effectively confines granular sub-base materials providing a mechanically stabilised road base platform. This allows a reduction in pavement depth and therefore a reduction in pavement costs.

With an option of a geotextile backed composite grid, mastaGRID™ acts as a separation layer between the subgrade and sub-base reducing installation time.

Separation & Filtration

Separation of the subsoil and granular road base is critical for the life of the pavement. mastaTEX™ NonWoven geotextiles provide an effective separation barrier between the pavement layers, eliminating the ingress of fines to the road base.

Asphalt Reinforcement

High traffic movement increases the wear and tear on asphalt surfaces which leads to cracking of pavement layers and water penetration. mastaGRID™ provides an excellent reinforcement layer for all applications with the inclusion of the ARC Asphalt treatment range.

Asphalt Sealing

Reflective cracking and the penetration of water very quickly deteriorates asphalt road surfaces, resulting in potholing and expensive surface repairs. With paveTEX™ and StraBatex™, GEOmasta has you covered. paveTEX™ is a calendared geotextile impregnated with bitumen for use under bitumen and chip seal surfaces. StraBatex offers a solution for sealing construction joints and reflective cracking in pavements.


MSE walls and slopes are often regarded with a certain amount of apprehension by civil engineers. This is understandable because sometimes the structures can be quite technical to design and build with a number of factors having to be taken into consideration.

GEOmasta® works with a number of local and international structural wall experts to ensure we have the right solution for your application.

Ground Anchor Systems

Recently GEOmasta® has signed up as sole Australia and New Zealand distributor of the well-known Gripple Civil Products range. Designed and produced in the UK, the Gripple range includes driven earth anchor systems and retaining plates, to the innovative geosynthetic embankment retaining pin systems.

Stabilisation Systems

With the EROmasta™ range of embankment mats and cells, GEOmasta has a solution ready for your project. The EroWeb product is commonly used for both subgrade and slope stabilisation, being an extremely versatile and high value for money solution. EROmasta™’s SeedMat is a high-quality permanent turf reinforcement mat designed specifically for swales and embankments under threat from water erosion.

Gabions and Walls

mastaWALL™ covers you for all civil, landscaping and architectural wall systems. With a range of the most common woven baskets, mastaWALL™ is lightweight, fast to install and very robust! All wire mesh products have been galfan treated to outlast any galvanised or PVC coated wire.

Wall Drainage

Reducing the hydrostatic pressure behind retaining systems is always a priority for every engineer. The DRAINmasta™ range covers composite strip and sheet drains, drainage cells and other innovative water carrying systems.

Slopes & Walls
GEOmasta Bridge work


Bridges are becoming increasingly common in every infrastructure project, and as a result, cost-effective solutions are becoming increasingly important. Both mastaGRID™ and mastaTEX™ HS Woven find a niche in this specialised area for reinforcing and stabilising piling rig platforms and embankments.

GEOmasta™ has years of experience working with bridge projects ranging from 6 lane 1km+ motorway bridges to small but technical cycleways and pedestrian bridges.

Piling Platforms

In order for piling rigs to operate over soft subgrades, mastaGRID™ Poly and mastaTEX™ NonWoven materials are used to construct a mechanically stabilised piling platform. In cases where the subgrade has a very low bearing ratio, our HS Woven geotextiles are the obvious solution.

Embankment stabilisation

Stabilising and reinforcing embankments is a critical part of bridge construction, and embankment designs often incorporate geosynthetic products with strengths that are outside the range of most manufacturers. With an ultimate tensile strength range of 50kN to 1600kN, you can be sure GEOmasta® will have what you need. With the availability of the higher range of Woven geotextiles, you can minimise costly and time-consuming embankment layering.

Batter Reinforcement

Reinforcing batters calls for a unique grid having a high tensile strength at low strain. mastaGRID™ PET offers this in a range of different strength uniaxial products, designed to bond your batter with the retained soil. PET geogrids are a highly flexible bitumen coated grid which interlocks with a wide range of segmented block walls and retainment systems.


As with all walls, it is extremely important to provide adequate drainage behind your batter to reduce the build-up of hydrostatic pressure. With flexible drainage pipe, batter outlets, strip drains and drainage board, GEOmasta® is well equipped to handle all water collection, containment and dispersion applications.


Whether it be the landscaping package on a new infrastructure project, a public park or private landscaping works, GEOmasta has the range and capability to service your every need.

From rock baskets and grass pavers through to coir logs and hessian tree ties, we are ready to help with any geosynthetic related enquiries.

Retaining Walls

Be it architectural rock walls or MSE walls, GEOmasta is here with our range of mastaWALL™ Wire Baskets, PET mastaGRID™ and DRAINmasta™ products to build, retain and drain your wall. With a team of consultants on call, you have never been better cared for..

Subsoil Drainage

With strip filter drains, flexible drainage pipe and our innovative drainage cell, we have a solution for every situation

Erosion Control

Possibly the widest erosion control range on the market, EROmasta products are stocked in all states in bulk. Temporary and permanent – trenches, swales and embankments – ponds, creeks and Bio Basins, every application is covered.

GEOmasta landscaping work
GEOmasta construction work


While not the largest section of the GEOmasta team, our building division is well equipped to service your construction site.

With the ground preparation, basement cutting, drainage and waterproofing, you need to look no further than GEOmasta!

Ground Preparation

In order to build on a stable platform, often geogrids and other mechanical reinforcing methods are employed. mastaGRID and mastaTEX have a wide and versatile range of products specifically designed for ground stabilisation.


From simple drainage pipes and precast concrete pits to complex underground water retention tanks, GEOmasta’s drainage experts know what you need. Working in unison with the Jaybro Civil & Drainage division you have the whole system at your fingertips.

DRAINmasta offers the complete drainage cell solution, including filtration, collection and dispersion systems.


Now working exclusively with the GCP waterproofing products, we have all you need for waterproofing and draining your basements, rooftops and concrete water retention tanks.


Both sport and recreation is a very important part of the Australia and New Zealand culture, and it’s not slowing down! With the increasing amount of sports fields, cycleways, golf greens and other recreational facilities being constructed and upgraded, GEOmasta has seen an increase of focus on our range of sports and recreation materials.


Potentially one of the most critical features of a world-class sports field or green is the way in which stormwater is collected and dispersed. With DRAINmasta’s high crush strip filters, you can be sure your rainfall will be effectively caught and channelled.

Subsoil Improvement

Again mastaTEX finds a niche with its medium-grade NonWoven geosynthetics. The unique manufacturing process produces a strong, thin geotextile with very high hydraulic performance.

Overflow parking and facilities

GEOmasta’s GrassPaver is the ultimate in temporary and overflow carpark construction materials. Lightweight, fast and easy to install, it is designed for those areas frequently in use for parking vehicles protecting the soil from continual rutting and promoting grass growth.

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