Road-X2™ Dust Suppressant

Road-X2 is an environmentally friendly & non-corrosive engineered dust control agent that works by coating each soil particle without creating a crust on the surface that breaks up. Road-X2 is a much cleaner and safer alternative to magnesium chloride based products. It is simply mixed with water and applied with any spraying equipment.


  • Biodegradable & Non-Corrosive
  • Eliminates Dust
  • Safe for Humans, Animals & Vegetation
  • Easy to Apply
  • Reduces the Need for Regular Watering
  • Works with On-Site Soils
  • No Leaching or Tracking


  • Once applied Road-X2 will typically last for a minimum of 3-6 months
  • Coarse sand material will require a higher application rate compared to material with a higher fine’s content
  • Ensure the treatment area is dry and where possible graded to consist of an equal amount of dust and stone to allow the product to penetrate and bond. The area to be treated needs to be tight & well compacted
  • Areas treated with Road-X2 can be opened to traffic immediately, although it should be initially slowed to minimise splashing & tracking
  • Avoid pooling and run off during application to prevent entering water ways and drains
  • Performance of any dust suppressant is subject to many variables, particularly traffic loadings, weather, ground conditions and application rates and methodology
  • It is the applicators responsibility to determine if any local council requirements are applicable
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