Revisiting Schofields Road Tree Planting

THEN: 2017

Back in 2017, OHL York JV was awarded the contract to upgrade Schofields Road in Western Sydney. This involved upgrading and extending over 3.5km of Schofields Road. The existing 2 lane road was widened to 4 lanes, and twin pre-stressed concrete plank bridges were constructed over Schofields Road and the adjacent creeks. OHL York JV was also responsible for landscaping the new verge of this busy road.

The streetscape and planting needed to be consistent with the project’s biodiversity assessment and landscaping proposal. This endeavoured to retain existing trees where possible, and ensure that the landscaping would complement and reflect the rural landscape character and endemic plant communities existing beyond the road corridor.

Other landscaping considerations included ongoing maintenance requirements, cost, safety, ease of access and weed management.

In March 2017, GEOmasta supplied OHL York JV with EROmasta Jute Mat as the preferred erosion control measure. This would ensure minimal maintenance, and the newly planted trees would be protected with this environmentally-friendly erosion and evaporation control product.

The $135 million project was completed in March 2018.

NOW: 2019

EROmasta Jute Mat has provided effective long term protection for the trees and shrubs planted along Schofields Road.

The 3 dimensional structure of the fabric allows both air and water to pass through, which has created a moist and breathable environment conducive to plant growth. The product has semi-biodegraded, yet is still providing effective protection against erosion. The jute mat has helped to retard the growth of competing weeds, and retain moisture in the topsoil.

The original plan indicated that the tree planting should provide a strong defined landscape which relates to the vegetation of the Cumberland Plain. Two years later, the vegetation is well on its way to achieving a natural and established character, with the help of GEOmasta Jute Mat.





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