AWJ’s Site Remediation with mastaTEX Orange

Hi vis Orange nonwoven geofab


AWJ Civil is an experienced civil engineering firm offering a range of environmental remediation and rehabilitation services coupled with professional project management. The team at AWJ were recently engaged to remediate a site at Enfield which had a legacy of contaminated soil due to historic manufacturing processes in the area.

Before the area could be developed, the soil required careful management and remediation. In order to restore the earth and ensure the contaminated areas were contained and flagged in case of future earthworks, the engineering specialists recommended the use of a nonwoven geotextile marker layer.

A geofabric such as mastaTEX Orange would act as a high visibility marker layer, capturing and separating contaminated soil and ensuring the clean fill above it remained unpolluted. The team at AWJ reached out to GEOmasta for a solution that was fit for purpose and could be delivered to site quickly.



GEOmasta supplied mastaTEX Orange as geotextile marker layer between contaminated soil and clean fill material. Made from PET staple fibre, this FW Grade geotextile is ideal for segregation of contaminated soils, as well as for use as a warning layer. mastaTEX Orange has been successfully proven in a wide variety of site remediation situations, particularly is asbestos remediation.

The fabric is highly needled, meaning that it is also ideal for providing effective filtration. mastaTEX Orange is available in 150 metre rolls with either a 3 or 6 metre width. All GEOmasta’s mastaTEX range are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards, and their properties are derived from in-house and independent laboratory testing.

For more information on our strong yet economical mastaTEX geotextile marker layer, please get in touch with our knowledgeable GEOmasta team.





System used: mastaTEX Orange  |  PET Staple Fibre  |  150m long rolls  |  3 or 6m wide

Applications: Segregation of contaminated soil; filtration; warning layer

Customer: AWJ Civil

Project: Site Remediation

Location: Enfield NSW, Australia

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