MastaTEX™ Nonwoven Helps Stabilise Rural Victorian Church

Non-woven Geo project

GEOmasta™ supplied mastaTEX™ NonWoven GF24 as a separation
and reinforcement layer beneath this church in Devon Meadows

This small project south of Melbourne in Devon Meadows involved the construction of a new 2 storey church. Before construction could commence, initial groundworks were taken care of by the construction firm.

With an estimated project value of $1.8 million, the build had a modest budget but still required thoughtful and effective soil preparation.

This project required a product that could provide separation and stabilisation of the soil to support the load of the new structure. The geosynthetic was required to separate and reinforce the existing ground. The GEOmasta range was specified due to its high quality, and the design engineers elected to use a non-woven geosynthetic for this project.

mastaTEX™ NonWoven GF24 was used above and below the 5000m2 select fill layer. It provided separation and reinforcement, creating a reliable foundation on which to begin construction. The PET filament material of GF24 measures 200 metres long and several rolls were used on this project.

mastaTEX™ Nonwoven is a continuous filament geotextile made from highly durable virgin polyester fibres, which are resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis.

The textile is formed through needle punching in order to produce a product suitable for use in road & rail work, separation, drainage, protection and filtration works.

Using a layer of geotextile between subgrade soil and fill material saves time and cost. That’s because stabilising the soil below means you only need a thin layer of fill material. mastaTEX NonWoven is built to last. Made from highly durable virgin polyester fibres, it’s compliant with all requirements for Australian and New Zealand road and rail projects. GEOmasta carries a wide range of Non Woven and Woven geosynthetic fabrics, geotextiles and erosion and drainage products.



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