mastaTEX® MatTec

mastaTEX® MatTec PP Woven Geotextiles are designed specifically for use in unpaved roading applications for separation and reinforcement.

Typically used in the construction of access tracks for Windfarms, Forestry and construction site access, MatTec PP Woven is an economical solution where separation and reinforcement are critical functions.

Manufactured from high modulus polypropylene yarns, mastaTEX® MatTec PP Woven is a biaxial geotextile with a strength range between 20kN/m and 100kN/m.

The separation function prevents the mixing of subgrade and pavement material, preserving the pavement surface from excessive rutting and becoming muddy after heavy rains.

The reinforcement function is typically required when installing over weak subgrades. This assists to stabilise the surface by distributing load across a wider surface area where there is a high concentration of heavy traffic over a poor quality ground.

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