MastaTEX™ coteroTEX Geofabric Liner

mastaTEX™ Coterotex geotextiles are a specialist heavyweight geotextile designed specifically for use in landfills as a liner cushion and in coastal applications for erosion control and rock armour protection.

  • Liner Protection – CoteroTEX geotextiles are suited for use in landfills as a protection layer for polymeric liners, preventing liner damage and reducing the risk of soil contamination.
  • Separation – Available in a range of weights, CoteroTEX is ideal as a separation layer preventing different materials from mixing, and maintaining the performance of the individual layers. Due to the robustness of this geotextile, it is suitable for use in separating a lot larger rock fill than traditional geotextiles.
  • Coastal Protection – Due to the resistance to harsh environments, CoteroTEX is the geotextile of choice when retaining sand or soil which is subject to constant water movement. Used both as a surface layer and under rock revetments, CoteroTEX is UV stabilised and will retain its strength and robustness properties in tough environmental conditions.


  • Coastal Protection
  • Separation
  • Liner protection
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