mastaGRID Composite Geogrid for Geelong’s Roads

Geogrid for pavement


The City of Greater Geelong had received a number of complaints from residents about the state of certain unsealed roads in the beachside town of Ocean Grove. With extensive input from the local community, it was decided a series of roads would be sealed, along with a section of the main beach strip, The Esplanade.

The provision of paved roads would provide safer driving for motorists, suppress dust, eliminate potholes, as well as improve drainage. Harcom Civil was engaged to complete 1.4 kilometres of paving, along with the construction of drainage pipelines and kerbs.

There were some challenges in this project: the small residential area had roads that were significantly narrower than normal, so Harcom Civil needed to complete the paving and stormwater construction working within a tight corridor. Additionally, the existing dirt roads also had a poor bearing ratio, and the team at Harcom needed a strong and reliable geogrid that could improve this.

The GEOmasta team were able to assist with a product that would provide excellent subgrade reinforcement and improve the area’s load capacity prior to asphalting.


GEOmasta supplied 45 rolls of mastaGRID Composite geogrid to Harcom. This engineered polypropylene grid is specifically designed for soil stabilisation, and is constructed from a strong poly grid bonded to mastaTEX geotextile.

Using mastaGRID Composite geogrid as a base reinforcement helps to extend the life of asphalt pavements, as well as preventing reflection cracking and water damage. Its high-temperature resistance and resistance to cracking under fatigue ensures the long term success and predictable performance of paved roads.

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