Local Park improved with SeedMat

Seed mat at Dundas Park


The City of Parramatta identified certain areas in Dundas Park that required erosion control works and deep mulching. The western mound area of the park had been fenced off after a recent investigation revealed low level risk of asbestos contamination; a result of the James Hardie legacy in the area.

As a result of environmental investigations conducted in 2018, the City of Parramatta Council has commenced a series of remedial actions at Dundas Park. An area had been identified as possibly having received waste products from James Hardie Industries approximately 50 years ago.

The Council report recommended installing an erosion control product and mulch to prevent any asbestos-containing materials which may be present within the mound from becoming exposed through erosion. The existing asbestos capping was deemed sufficient in the Council’s assessment report. However, ASP Australia approached GEOmasta for this unique application, requiring a synthetic erosion mat that would provide a substrate for the bark mulch.

In June 2019, work commenced on the western mound area adjacent to Quarry Road. ASP Australia was awarded this contract as a specialist construction/demolition contractor with capabilities in hazardous substances like asbestos.


In this instance, EROmasta SeedMat was used in an alternative fashion based on the client’s own assessment of their needs. Typically used as a synthetic turf reinforcement mat, EROmasta SeedMat is designed and engineered to protect soil from erosion and provide an environment that encourages rapid vegetative root development.

It is a three-dimensional tri-layered mat manufactured from polyethylene. SeedMat is constructed using a base of high tensile layers of net bonded to upper layers to form a cuspated surface designed to trap soil particles and seeds. In this project, the textured surface aids in the stabilisation of the mulch on the small slope.

EROmasta SeedMat creates an immediate and long term defence against natural erosion due to wind, rain and flooding. In regular applications, top soil and seed is applied on top of EROmasta SeedMat to fill the cavities and allow grass to grow through the mat.


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