Landscaping Supplies for Major Western Sydney Road Project

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The Northern Road upgrade project will upgrade road infrastructure between the Western Sydney suburbs of Luddenham and Glenmore Park, including upgrading 6.7km of road from two lanes to a divided four-lane alignment, with the provision of kerbside bus lanes at each intersection. Our customer was awarded the landscaping packages for two stages on the new Northern Road upgrade project, namely the civil landscaping works to both Stages 5 and 6. This includes the supply and installation of over a million plants and trees, as well as bio basin works, installation of mulch, turfing and maintenance.


To support the planting element of the project, GEOmasta plant guards and tree stakes are being used to protect new plantings of tube stock material. The GEOmasta team supplied a large quantity of core flute plant guards and premium hardwood tree guard pegs. These stakes measure 38 x 11 x 750mm making them perfect for use with our fluted plastic tree guards.

GEOmasta triangular Coreflute Tree Guards are a heavy-duty rigid plastic shelter for young trees, designed to protect against damaging winds, herbicide overspray and animal damage. They are very durable, quick and easy to install requiring only 1 tree stake, and can be reused if required.

Designed to last 2-3 seasons in Australian conditions, GEOmasta Tree Guards have small holes designed to allow plant breathability, while still offering superior protection. While they are suitable for many plant types, these guards are ideal for small native plants.

The GEOmasta range of premium hardwood stakes is perfectly suited for use with these tree guards. Manufactured from premium Australian hardwood, GEOmasta council-compliant tree stakes are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes, and for large plantings on verges and roadsides as seen here.

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