EROmasta Jute Mesh for Turramurra Water Catchment

jute mesh turramurra sydney


An aged care facility at North Turramurra recently received a $33M upgrade, part of which involved extensive landscaping that suited the bushland setting.

A contractor was engaged to complete landscaping works, including the construction of a new water catchment. By using our EROmasta jute mesh along with natural stone and plantings, the catchment within the aged care facility maintains a natural aesthetic in keeping with the bush surrounds.

The contractor used EROmasta jute material and natural stone to ensure the area was adequately stabilised for periods of heavy rain. The area is being planted out using native grasses to create a natural looking water catchment area.


The contractor used 3 rolls of EROmasta jute mesh, a fully biodegradable organic product. Specifically designed to act as an erosion control mat, jute mesh creates an environment which promotes rapid natural plant growth.

It is ideal for installation on a levelled soil subgrade and is easy to roll out and install, by simply laying it over the terrain without applying tension as seen here. Overlapping each roll of mesh by around 100mm ensures good coverage and stability.

This 485gsm jute mesh is ideal for applications such as grass establishment, coastal areas, wetlands and natural revegetation. Each roll measures 1.2 metres wide x 68 metres long, enabling quick and easy coverage of large areas.

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