EROmasta Jute Matting Prevents Stormwater Erosion

Jute Matting Orchard Hills


Greater West Landscapes were tasked with building and landscaping a stormwater channel in Sydney’s west. The site in Orchard Hills required a new stormwater channel to collect and redirect runoff near an industrial park.

The tract of land earmarked for the project was excavated and shaped with a gentle slope, which was subsequently planted out with native grasses to create stability and a natural safeguard against long term erosion. However, whilst the plants were establishing themselves they would need to be protected from erosion and harsh weather.

The team at Greater West Landscapes required a protection and erosion control product that was cost-effective, easy to install, and would ensure the new seedlings had the best chance of success.


Greater West Landscapes chose the EROmasta Jute Matting from GEOmasta as the preferred erosion control measure. Jute Matting is quick and easy to install as well as being cost-effective. The team reached out to GEOmasta, who were able to supply over 11,000 square metres of EROmasta jute matting to site quickly, as well as a sizeable quantity of our more loosely knit jute mesh variant.

The close-knit jute matting was laid horizontally along the slopes, creating a rugged yet biodegradable erosion barrier. EROmasta Jute Matting is an organic product which assists in weed and erosion control, thereby reducing the need to use damaging herbicide. 11,500sqm of jute matting was laid by the team to help establish the native grasses.

Additionally, GEOmasta’s loose weave jute mesh was installed in the low-lying basin of the stormwater channel. Jute mesh is a more open weave variation which is ideal for applications such as coastal areas and wetlands, as well as grass establishment and natural revegetation.

The installation of GEOmasta’s jute matting and jute mesh means that erosion on site will be vastly reduced. Plus, at the same time, the young grasses have been provided with protection to help discourage weeds and create a humid environment conducive to rapid growth.



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