JK Williams Rely on GEOmasta for Caddens Hill Project

GEOmasta MastaGrid polypropylene geogrid

JK Williams Rely on GEOmasta for Caddens Hill Project

Civil Infrastructure and bulk earthworks contractor JK Williams have almost completed their work on the Caddens Hill estate, with the help of GEOmasta. The 28.5-hectare site near Penrith in Sydney’s West has a masterplan that incorporates extensive green spaces, walking tracks and picnic areas. Overall, the Caddens Hill project involved over 500 properties, 3 kilometres of retaining walls, 2 bio-basins a sporting complex and parklands. After heavy involvement in the Caddens Estate Releases 1,2,3,4,5 and 6, JK Williams was called on for the last stage of Penrith’s newest suburb.

The final landscaping works across the sites gently rolling hills included tree protection and erosion control for the many embankments. Additionally, JK Williams needed to stabilise and reinforce road pavements near the eastern end of O’Connell Lane.

However, once the topsoil was carved back, soft and unstable ground with a poor bearing ratio was exposed where the road runs closely beside a bio basin. This provided some difficulty for the contractor, and a geosynthetic solution was required.

The project managers reached out to the GEOmasta specialist team for assistance. Within just two hours of receiving the request, GEOmasta had 3000 square metres of mastaGRID composite 30/30 on site, saving the contractor time and money.

mastaGRID Composite 30/30 is a polypropylene geogrid heat bonded to mastaTEX Non-Woven geofabric. In using this product, the contractor was able to stabilise and reinforce the pavement and provide separation from the soft soils below.

GEOmasta has had the privilege of being involved in supply for a number of products throughout the Caddens Hill project. Our high-quality geosynthetic range combined with exceptional service was a key factor for JK Williams, and the ability to supply lightning fast meant that there was no disruption to works and the project could be delivered on time and on budget.

This project has been ongoing with property releases open to buyers since 2017. Completion is expected in 2019.



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