Jaybro supplies mastaGRID™ to Enviropacific – Sunshine, Victoria

mastaGRID poly


This project involved the capping of an asbestos contaminated site of 20,000m2 with a geogrid and 100mm of crushed concrete. The land-owner had been provided with an EPA Clean-Up Notice, due to the presence of friable asbestos all over the site.

This is part of the legacy of the former Wunderlich Factory in Sunshine, which was an asbestos products manufacturer, operating in the neighbourhood from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Most of the sites in this area have been capped already, but the cap on this site had deteriorated, exposing the asbestos again.

Enviropacific were tasked with capping the site with a solution that would last over 100 years. Due to the pending development of this area, the solution needed to be structurally stable, and provide a platform that would support construction without the need for excavating into the contaminated soils below.


Jaybro supplied 25,000m2 of mastaGRID 30/30 to this project as the base layer for the crushed concrete capping. With its high tensile strength and durability, the geo grid provided a cost effective solution to last for years to come.

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