Geomasta® Root Barrier

Devised to restrict root damage to footpaths, driveways, walls and other structures. This tree root control system is a smooth continuous (non-dimpled) HDPE solution. Manufactured to service large application from major civil infrastructure to landscaping projects.

Installed on projects around Australia and New Zealand, controlling root growth on major civil projects, housing developments and industrial business park ventures.

The black HDPE membrane offers exceptional root control. The root barrier measures 1mm in thickness. Available in 30m rolls with a choice of 600, 900 and 1200 mm widths. It’s the most cost-effective solution for controlling invasive tree roots.

The lightweight design allows the barrier to be cut in lengths to suit your requirements. Once in place, the barrier creates a long last perimeter to trap root and moisture. This surrounding barrier promotes healthy tree growth and reduces damage to surrounding structures.

The features and benefits of the Geomasta® Root Barrier include:

  • Controls the spread of tree roots to unwanted areas
  • Retains moisture around the roots
  • Promotes healthy tree and plant growth
  • 1 mm thickness, black in colour
  • Quick and easy to handle and install
  • A cost-effective solution

Are you looking to prevent damage to walkways, footpaths, driveways and more from tree roots? Look no further, this product is the ideal solution, call no to discuss your options.

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