Hessian Tree Ties

GEOmasta® Hessian Tree Ties are a natural webbing designed as a support for young plantation trees.

Used with Tree Stakes, Hessian Tree Ties restrict excessive movement caused by wind and allow the young trees time to fully establish their root systems.

Hessian Tree Ties are fully biodegradable, adding natural matter to the soil as they break down.

Typical serviceable life of GEOmasta® Hessian Tree Ties is 12 months.


1. Directly after planting install 2 tree stakes, one on either side of the tree. Take care that the stakes are firmly driven into the soil to at least ¼ the length of the stake, and are not likely to be moved by wind or rain.
2. Staple one end of the tree tie to one stake, pass it around the tree and staple back to the same stake.
3. Repeat this for the second stake, ensuring a snug, but not overly tight fit. The tree should be held straight, not pulled to either side.
4. For a taller tree, it is recommended to install bands both at the top and halfway down the tree stakes.

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