Sutherland Townhouses Get Superior Drainage Treatment with GEOmasta™

GEOmasta Drainage Cell30 Corvus Primesite Sutherland Dec 2018-1

GEOmasta™ supplied 300 square metres of Drainage Cell30 &
mastaTEX™ FiltaFab for this residential development in Sutherland.

The leafy and desirable Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s south will soon be home to 13 new double storey townhouses. The architects designed the townhouses with an indoor-outdoor look and feel. Therefore, gardens and green spaces were a key feature. Our customer Corvus Primesite will construct turfed and paved areas closely butting up to the porch of each townhouse. Hence, Corvus Primesite required a substrate with excellent drainage properties. We recommended that Corvus Primesite use GEOmasta™ Drainage Cell30 and mastaTEX™ FiltaFab to create an exceptionally effective drainage pathway.

GEOmasta™ Drainage Cell30 is a high-density polyethylene tile. It acts as a permanent non-clogging void between the concrete slab and overlying soil. Ideal for drainage in rooftop gardens and planter boxes, the strong HDPE will not collapse or distort. Furthermore, the flexible 500mm square tiles allow for installation in many configurations. Each tile is 30mm high and has 95% internal void area, and 67% surface void area. This means that a direct flow of water to designated outlets can occur, avoiding water build up and penetration.

The large surface and capacity void space enables superior drainage efficiency. Conversely, the small voids created by gravel are far less efficient. The lightweight drainage cells significantly reduce weight on the structure by an impressive 98% when compared to gravel.

In this application, Corvus Primesite also used mastaTEX™ FiltaFab as an additional drainage filtration layer. Laid on top of the drainage cells, it provided a highly effective filtration barrier to prevent soil from getting into and clogging the drainage cells.

mastaTEX™ FiltaFab is an excellent staple fibre geotextile used for drainage & filtration. It is commonly used in trenches, raised gardens, as a stockpile cover and behind retaining walls. FiltaFab forms an ideal barrier in subsoil filtering and temporary erosion control.

This project is valued at $6 million.


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