Geogrids reinforce soils and base materials to extend the life of roads, pavements and bridges. This reinforcement protects against pavement cracking and potholing from passing vehicles and the elements, for the long haul.

Key uses include:

  • Pavement stabilisation
  • Subgrade reinforcement
  • Retaining wall reinforcement
  • Embankment stabilisation
  • Piling platforms

mastaGRID Poly is an engineered polypropylene geogrid that reinforces heavy loads from roads, railways and bridges. Another geogrid product, mastaGRID PET, has high-tenacity fibres that are ideal for stabilising and reinforcing pavements and embankments.

For the combined power of soil stabilisation, separation and reinforcement, mastaGRID Composite prevents reflection cracking and water damage, and improves load capacity in road construction and renovation.