Geogrid and Geofabric for Melbourne Stormwater Detention Tank

nonwoven geofabric


Our customer is constructing a detention tank in Derrimut in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, resulting in the reuse of 15 million litres of stormwater each year.

This $2.4 million project is located at Balmoral Park Reserve and is designed to provide a significant amount of recycled stormwater for use in the local council’s open space irrigation. Recycling water in this fashion not only helps to reduce pollution from entering local waterways, but it also stops high-quality drinking water from being unnecessarily wasted on watering parks and ovals.

In preparation for the detention tank chambers to be installed, the underlying soil required stabilisation and reinforcement with a geogrid. A separation layer was also required to ensure the water collected by the system would be free of excessive debris and particles.


The GEOmasta team supplied both geogrid and the geotextile layer for this project, through both the primary construction contractor and the detention tank subcontractor.

mastaGRID Geogrid was utilised for base stabilisation and mastaTEX Nonwoven geotextile was used as a separation and filtration layer.

mastaGRID is an engineered polypropylene geogrid designed for a range of soil stabilisation, separation and reinforcement applications. This rigid geogrid is commonly used under roads, railways, loading platforms, and for sub-base soil reinforcement and stabilisation.

mastaTEX Non Woven is a continuous filament geotextile made from highly durable polyester fibres. It is ideal for separation, drainage, protection and filtration works, as well as being commonly used in road building applications.


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