Siltmasta™ SEDIFENCE SF3000

Genuine Siltmasta SF3000

SILTmasta™ SediFence is designed for the protection of natural surrounding areas during the course of earthworks & construction activities for a variety of civil engineering & domestic projects. Sensitive aquatic margins require protection from sediment run-off which can contaminate water-bodies due to nutrient overload.

SILTmasta™ SediFence is utilized to prevent such contamination by flanking exposed soils or bordering entire construction sites.

Soil erosion, sediment and litter from construction sites can be major sources of stormwater pollution and can cause significant harm to the environment. Anyone on a building site who does not comply with sediment control regulations can be prosecuted or issued with on-the-spot fines. Companies, builders, subcontractors and individuals can all be fined.

Standard Silt Fence 860mm high x 100m Premium Woven Silt Stop with a high flow rate and very long lasting. With woven edges to resist fraying. U.V. resistant. The material consists of Polypropylene Tape Yarn. Ideal for long-term applications.


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