Flexible Ag Drainage Pipe 400

Flexible Drainage Pipe 400

Flexible Drainage Pipe comes in unslotted and slotted both in socked and unsocked for every civil application. It is composed of HPDE Recycled and Virgin PVC which makes it strong, durable, easy to install and provides flexibility and a high flow capacity suitable for all drainage types including light medium and heavy duty.

  • Construction: Corrugated Single Wall
  • Uses: Light to Medium Drainage (Agriculture – Civil)
  • Composition: HDPE Recycled and Virgin
  • Placement: Underground Trench
  • Available in: Unslotted, Slotted, Socked

Applications Include:

  • Gravity sewerage & drainage applications
  • Stormwater drainage pipes
  • Rehabilitation of old pipe
  • Stormwater retention systems
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