Flexible Drainage Ag Pipe 1000

Flexible Drainage Pipe 1000

Flexible Drainage Ag Pipe comes in un-slotted and slotted both in socked and un-socked for every civil application. It is composed of HPDE Recycled and Virgin PVC which makes it strong, durable, easy to install and provides flexibility and a high flow capacity suitable for all drainage types including light medium and heavy duty.

  • Construction: Corrugated Single Wall
  • Uses: Heavy Duty Road Drainage
  • Composition: Virgin PVC
  • Placement: Underground Trench
  • Resistance to Crushing: 1000N with 5%
  • Available in: Unslotted, Slotted, Socked

Applications Include:

  • Gravity sewerage & drainage applications
  • Stormwater drainage pipes
  • Rehabilitation of old pipe
  • Stormwater retention systems
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