Stop weeds and evaporation with erosion control matting

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Stop weeds and evaporation with erosion control matting

What is jute matting used for?

Jute matting is a versatile product made from natural fibres. It acts as a kind of mulch mat by providing evaporation control, erosion control and suppressing weeds. Being a natural fibre, it will break down over time, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Jute erosion control matting can be effectively used to control soil erosion in a range of situations. It provides protection for seedlings and small plants, protection against water evaporation, as well as being an excellent weed control matting. It’s mulch-like properties mean that it creates a moist and breathable environment perfect for young plants.

It is also great at stabilising slopes and creek banks as it is installed by pinning it directly into the soil with large U shaped retaining pins. This means that it is held fast and will not shift like bark or other soft mulch materials.

EROmasta jute mat Schofields Rd

Is jute matting biodegradable?

Unlike geotextiles made from polymers, jute mats can be left to biodegrade naturally after a number of years in service, once plants are well established. It is therefore ideal for areas where a permanent membrane isn’t required.

This could be rehabilitation areas such as creeks, wetlands or bush areas, as well as landscaped areas along roadsides and motorways where a biodegradable erosion control mat is sufficient.

What makes jute matting so good for Australian conditions?

Jute’s natural fibres allow the soil to breathe, as well as being excellent at holding water. Jute will absorb and retain natural rainfall or planned watering. Jute matting is almost like a thick natural felt which limits light penetration, thereby preventing weeds under the mat from taking hold.

Jute erosion control matting is typically installed by pinning it in slightly overlapping layers directly into the soil. It can follow the contours of slopes and natural areas, and unlike wood chip, bark or other loose mulch, it is not subject to being washed away during heavy rain events or strong winds.

All of this combined makes jute matting an ideal mulch matting for demanding Australian conditions.

Where can I buy jute matting?

GEOmasta supplies jute erosion control matting as well as jute mesh which is a much looser weave variant. If you need to buy jute erosion control matting, call our friendly team for a competitive quote.


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