Dust suppression techniques for road construction

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Paved roads that are still under construction can be a heavy source of environmental dust. Bare road surfaces that have not yet been paved can allow large amounts of dust to escape into nearby areas, presenting an environmental challenge that needs to be managed by contractors during the construction process. Likewise, roads that are intended to remain unpaved such as forestry roads and those in national parks often need regular dust management, particularly in dry spells and windy months.

Open areas can be subject to wind year-round, and a dust suppression product is needed to maintain them over the long term.

Why does dust cause problems in road construction?

Dust is easily blown away by the wind, can wear away the road surface, and in some cases can cause damage to vehicles as the road surface erodes and creates ruts, or causes rocks to be kicked up by car tyres. In addition to creating problems on-site in the short and long term, dust is an environmental concern that can cause headaches for contractors, with regulations in place from most councils, the EPA and workplace safety authorities.

The performance of any dust suppressant is subject to many variables, particularly traffic loadings, weather, ground conditions and application rates. Effective ways to suppress road dust in the construction phase have traditionally centred around water (temporary and effective in the short term only), or magnesium chloride (which can cause surfaces to become slippery and even cause vehicle corrosion over time).

However, there is now another choice on the market.

Road-X2 provides an environmentally friendly solution that reduces the need for regular watering, offering up to 6 months of effective dust control.

Using Road-X2 for dust suppression on roads

GEOmasta recommends the high performing dust suppressant, Road-X2. This is a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly product that is much cleaner than magnesium chloride alternatives.

Road-X2 eliminates dust for up to 6 months at a time by coating and creating a barrier around individual soil particles. It is safe for humans, animals and vegetation, and it can be used on all soil types without forming a crust that breaks up.

The non-corrosive and biodegradable product is easy to use – simply mix with water and apply to the target surface with any type of spraying equipment. The water assists with carrying the concentrate and drawing it deeper down into the surface structure.

As well as for unpaved roads, it can be used in construction, industrial and quarry applications, and in parking lots. Because it is safe for humans, animals and vegetation, Road-X2 can be used on forestry roads and walking tracks, in agricultural applications for suppressing farm and horticultural laneways, and in other situations where a safe biodegradable dust control product is required.

This environmentally sound dust control product reduces the need for regular watering and promises no leaching or tracking. Plus, areas treated with Road-X2 can be opened to traffic immediately (although it should be initially slowed to minimise splashing and tracking).


GEOmasta is a supplier of geosynthetics, landscaping supplies and dust suppression products to the civil, construction and infrastructure sectors. For more details on the new Road-X2 dust suppression product, get in touch with GEOmasta.

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