Asbestos Warning Geo Textiles for Fairfield Showgrounds


Throughout 2019 and into 2020, the Fairfield Showgrounds undertook a much needed upgrade. This transformation included a new all-abilities playground at Deerbush Park.

The new playground featured a flying fox, wheelchair-accessible carousel and ground-level trampolines. A new water play space with squirters and dumping buckets also provides the perfect place for young children to cool off in the warmer months.

The playground also included an accessible riverbed crossing and riding track. Together, trees and landscaping will provide shade and environmental benefits.

Asbestos contamination in the soil needed to be managed during the demolition and clearing works. Due to the size and nature of the area, this had to be addressed before construction works could proceed.

The contractor, Growth Civil, needed a geotextile that could act as a capping and warning layer to safely cover and seal the contaminated soil before the play area could be built.


Growth Civil chose to place a layer of mastaTEX Orange geosynthetic fabric underground to seal the contamination, and provide a warning for any further construction or demolition in future years.

mastaTEX Orange is a high quality staple fibre geotextile, designed for separating contaminated and non-contaminated soils. Due to its bright highly visible orange colouring, mastaTEX Orange is commonly used as a warning layer in areas which are liable to future excavations.

mastaTEX orange high vis geotextile provides the same performance as other geotextiles in the mastaTEX range, and is perfect for segregation of contaminated soil and filtration purposes, as well as for use as a warning layer as seen in this project.

Garden mix was placed over the top of these areas and then landscaped with plants. With its new park area, Fairfield Showground is once again a safe and happy place to visit with family and children.

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