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When you’re working on large-scale infrastructure projects, you won’t find better value than our geotextiles.
Our mastaTEX NonWoven geotextile is a high-quality and cost-effective way to manage ground stabilisation, separation, drainage, protection and filtration for road and rail construction.

Using a layer of geotextile between subgrade soil and fill material saves time and cost. That’s because stabilising the soil below means you only need a thin layer of fill material.
mastaTEX NonWoven is built to last. Made from highly durable virgin polyester fibers, it’s compliant with all requirements for Australian and New Zealand road and rail projects.

Our full geotextile range extends to solutions for small-scale landscaping and civil works projects: drainage, reinforcement, and markers for contaminated soils

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Geogrids reinforce soils and base materials to extend the life of roads, pavements and bridges. This reinforcement protects against pavement cracking and potholing from passing vehicles and the elements, for the long haul.

Key uses include:

  • Pavement stabilisation
  • Subgrade reinforcement
  • Retaining wall reinforcement
  • Embankment stabilisation
  • Piling platforms

mastaGRID Poly is an engineered polypropylene geogrid that reinforces heavy loads from roads, railways and bridges. Another geogrid product, mastaGRID PET, has high-tenacity fibres that are ideal for stabilising and reinforcing pavements and embankments.

For the combined power of soil stabilisation, separation and reinforcement, mastaGRID Composite prevents reflection cracking and water damage, and improves load capacity in road construction and renovation.

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Whichever way you decide to tackle erosion – through vegetation, improving drainage or reinforcing and stabilising earth – we have a product that works.

Jute mat and jute mesh products create a moist and fertile environment that encourages plant growth. Environmentally friendly, they are made of organic, biodegradable material. Our CoirLogs provide a buffer against water, soil and spills, biodegrading naturally over time.

Our durable polyethylene options stabilise soil and guard against natural erosion from wind, rain and flooding. The full range of erosion-control products also includes weed control, hessian rolls and natural gypsum.

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For flexible and cost-effective earth retention and erosion control, our gabions and mattresses suit both industrial and architectural uses.

One of our most versatile products, gabions and mattresses are used for:

  • Road projects
  • Embankment reinforcement
  • Coastal protection
  • Retaining walls
  • Architectural design features

Our products include mastaWALL Wire cages, Mattress and LinkWire, made using flexible woven mesh. Once filled with rock, this results in a porous product with built-in drainage. Gabions are easy to install, requiring little preparation of the ground beneath.

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Keep buildings and sports fields free from water damage with the right drainage solution.
Our range of products gets the job done, and includes drainage pipes, grass pavers, drainage cells, strip filters, and sheet drains. These provide solutions for common drainage needs such as:

  • Road/bridge abutments
  • Sports fields
  • Basement and retaining walls
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Stormwater drainage

Easy to install and designed to last, our drainage products cater for light, medium and heavy-duty uses.

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Protect the environment around your building sites with our built-for-purpose sediment-control products. Soil erosion, sediment and litter from construction sites are major sources of stormwater pollution and cause environmental damage.

Manage sediment on land and water with our product range that includes fencing, silt bags, hay bales, floating curtains and more.

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When you need reinforcements for road or rail construction, go to GEOmasta’s geosynthetics. Whether it’s stabilising ground and earth retainment, or tackling drainage and erosion, we have the solution. We also guarantee you the lowest price and fast delivery straight to your site.

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